High-quality composite solutions
made with advanced filament winding technology

L-Tec Composites is a Finnish company with decades of experience in carbon and glass fiber filament winding.

Using our filament winding production line, we manufacture durable and light weight components for use across various industries. Our main sports products are  high performance ski poles,  carbon and glass fiber baseball bats and golf shafts.

Are you searching for  a specific component or are you  interested in the possibilities  filament winding technology can offer. Contact us and our professionals will help you to find  out if your component is suitable to be produced at L-Tec Composites.

What can be manufactured?

Filament winding suites to different productions when the product needs to be strong and light at the same time. With this procedure you can get cross sections which are round, oval or rectangular poles, pipes and masts. Filament winding fits also for coating different containers and other kind of materials.

Filament winding is particularly suited to

  • Elongated products
  • Replace legacy components with lighter options
  • When stiffness and durability are required
  • Components subjected to dynamic loading
  • Withstand high pressure
  • Tailored stiffness properties along part length

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